Pixel 2 self-portrait, Lightroom editor

Pixel 2 self-portrait, Lightroom editor

Victoria King

Hi, I’m Victoria!

My purpose is to narrate the world to you through my eyes. To me, images are great supplements to written stories that capture and convey my perception and mindset behind each image. My specialization at university was in altered landscapes, in which I intended to portray the effects of man-altered scenarios within given environments. This specialization is a continuation of stock piles of images used for ongoing research in terms of environmental ethics.

I have since expanded my practice to involve portraiture and fine art. I am currently expanding my portfolio to include interiors and architecture. In terms of portraiture, I seek to create more surrealist and strictly fine art pieces while phasing out the ordinary variety of portraiture. As I progress in this field, feel free to reach out for limited edition prints in a variety of mediums.


Now that I’ve covered the style and reasons for my business, I’ll cover my background. After studying and obtaining a degree in philosophy and religion at Valdosta State, I became driven to supplement the abstract and written words with a bit of visual fine art. After graduating, I covered two more years at Savannah College of Art and Design in order to receive a second bachelor’s in visual communications with a focus in digital photography. There, I was educated in form, color theory, quality printing, digital photography, various photography styles, art history, drawing, and photographic editing. I published five separate prints in two exhibitions those two years. The first covered altered landscapes of a coal mining region of Southern West Virginia; the second included two fine art pieces plus a fashion piece in France. I will offer exhibition and non-exhibition samples below.

Aside from photography, I am currently a philosophy grad student at University of Georgia with a specialization in political theory and ethics. A photography-related goal of mine is to pursue a doctorate, teach, and use photography to illustrate research I publish, particularly involving environmental ethics and aesthetics.

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I also post mobile images via Instagram. Feel free to look through the images and follow me. If you wish to be in contact, I am best reached via e-mail at v@victoriakingphotography.com, or on my contact page here.