Bracketing HDRs for Interior Photography

I’m expanding my portfolio to include interiors and real estate photography. A problem with photographing interiors is that sometimes they are not well lit and there isn’t enough external studio lighting on hand either. So the remedy to this is to “bracket” several photos of the same subject across a spectrum of exposures, then later on (if your camera doesn’t automatically do this—some do), merge the photographs together into an HDR to get more detail across the spectrum of lighter and darker areas. This can be done directly in Lightroom, which is what I usually do with landscapes, or this can be done in Photoshop or in an external software. Today I used Photomatix, and although I won’t go into the software in great detail, I’ll show you how the HDRs came out with this software. Before I show you, I also want to note that Photomatix can be used as a plug-in to Lightroom, and that is how I used it this evening.

I hope you enjoyed this selection. I think this mansion is a bit of a fixer upper, but I hope someone purchases it and does renovate it. Would you live in a giant house like this? What would you do with all the space if you did? What do you think about the photographs? Do you enjoy this rendering that Photomatix has helped create? Let me know, I love your feedback!