Fireworks at Jardine Stadium, Independence Day, 2018

Every year, I improve a little on photographing fireworks. See some of my favorites, along with an experimental image of a family playing with sparklers. Settings ISO 100, F/13, shutter open 8 seconds. Mostly done with a 24-70mm, one with a 16-35mm wide angle lens, and another with the zoom 70-200mm.

West Virginia HDR Stream

Mountain Stream-2 While sorting through old photographs yesterday in the archive and cleaning/rearranging files, I came across this set of bracketed landscape images with long exposures of water I took while checking out some of the historic and forgotten back roads of West Virginia. This one was off McKendree Road, considered McKendree, West Virginia (unincorporated). There's a bridge over it that water was spilling off of onto the other side. I used that shot for an altered landscapes composite project for a college assignment at the time, and this was just a lovely landscape behind it that I captured as a personal bonus. I hope you like it!